Encaustic Painting + Mixed Media Lab Workshop

Karen Eide has been teaching her Encaustic Painting & Mixed  Media Lab workshops, with rave reviews, since 2005. Encaustic painting is an ancient process that uses molten, pigmented beeswax to create layered and luminous work. It is a wonderful stand-alone medium or one that can be easily combined with a variety of mediums. In her classes, you will learn classic encaustic painting techniques as well as how to add oils, pastels, charcoal, graphite, watercolor, and… collage, texture, texture and more texture! You will come away with enough information to safely set-up your encaustic studio, an equipment list, sources of supply, and a head full of new techniques and ideas. The only complaint she ever gets about her classes is: “they aren’t long enough!” If you or your arts organization would like to bring Karen in for a workshop, you may contact her here.