“To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” Emily Dickinson
“To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” Emily Dickinson
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Private Coaching in Encaustics + Mixed Media Painting
***No Private coaching availability at this time***
Karen has been teaching her signature Encaustic Painting and Mixed Media Lab workshop at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA, and independently since 2005. More often than not her classes sell out and many of her students have established successful working and teaching practices after taking her workshop.

Accelerating your encaustic painting knowledge - conceptual and/or technical is thrust of this concentration. Stuck? Brimming with questions? If you have taken at least one workshop in Encaustic Painting (anywhere) and you need further assistance - you can work one-on-one with Karen via ZOOM or in person for a focused learning experience. 

Coaching is an efficient way to focus on your specific needs, questions, and problems. Time slots are available in 1-hour increments @ $60.00 an hour. Your 1-hour coaching sessions can be broken into two 1/2 hour sessions. 

Do you want accountability and access to future concerns as you develop your encaustic practice? Schedule weekly or monthly meetings. 

If you are not familiar with ZOOM, guidance is available and a test meeting can be scheduled at no additional cost to make sure your tutoring time is smooth sailing. Please inquire.

Encaustic coaching/mentorship is perfect for anyone who:
- has had at least one introductory class or workshop in Encaustic Painting
- has a computer, laptop, and/or phone and high-speed internet access
- has forgotten how to set up and get going
- has technical and/or design questions
- is stuck in any part of the process
- has 150 random questions. Ask me anything!

Once you purchase your desired amount of time you will be contacted to schedule your session - in-person or online, review materials, set-up, and discuss current issues.

Encaustic Coaching is NOT for you if:
You are brand new to Encaustic (Don't worry - I have classes for beginners!)
You don't have the tools and supplies. 

Questions? Contact Karen at kareneide dot com

In-person workshops with Karen at VMFA - using COVID-19 safety practices and procedures  - can be found HERE.


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