Commissions | Licensing

Corporate/residential commissioned paintings or illustration work, within the realm of my style, are joyfully, humbly and gratefully considered. Here is how it works:

~ Call or email me with the project that you have in mind. We will discuss pricing & time-frame.
~ I proceed with 2-3 sketches and email to you. No cost, no obligation. If you don’t like the direction—  I go back to the drawing board. Or, we call it quits.
~ Sketch revision is done if necessary. Multiple revisions may incur extra fees that I would discuss with you beforehand.
~ Final sketch is approved. 1/2 deposit required
~ Paint, paint, paint
~ Customer approves final piece and sends final payment
~ Painting ships
~ Happy Customer
It’s easy — and I make it enjoyable!


Licensing – Fabric, Prints, Ceramics, Clothing, Books etc.

If interested in licensing any of my imagery, please email me.

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